Image International Music Festival

What is IIMF?

IIMF is a non-profit organization ( 501 C) that was founded by Yung-mee Rhee and partners with the La Canada School of Music. The organization’s mission is to provide students with a challenging and enriching musical education and to connect the La Canada community with civic life through public concerts.

IIMF helps young generation to get music education by providing music lessons and enrich the community with music not only by delivering the music performances to the underprivileged public but also help young artist in many different ways.

IIMF contributes to the community with various music related activates. We try to provide healing and comforts to underprivileged community with music performance and also provide music education to the young students. We thrive to make our community better place with power of music and our humble services.

What do you do at IIMF Performance of Evaluation (Level test) ?

Students should prepare two contrasting pieces and perform them from memory for the evaluators, so they can find out what level they are in now. All passing level students will be received formal Certificate Award and presented at July Summer Recital.

Is my child too young to apply?

Students of all ages and all levels are encouraged to participate!

What’s the purpose of doing Performance Evaluation, Competition, and Theory Test?

  • The evaluation can help students prepare for other performances such as outside competitions, or recitals.
  • The Competition is to motivate and chance to get evaluation (comments) from outside of La Canada School of Music teachers. Winners will receive medals and a Winner’s Certificate at the Summer Winner’s Recital.
  • The Theory Test is the same as the CM (Certificate of Merit) test. The children who wants to challenge themselves are ready to take the test from the levels of prep to 9 (Advanced). All passing students will be received Certificate Award.

Join us for the sting orchestra experience of a lifetime.

Located in La Cañada Flintridge, CA, IIMF’s goal is to provide a well-rounded orchestral experience to musically dedicated young musicians between 8 and 18 years of age. String players now have the opportunity to play and learn new music, make new friends and most of all, accomplish a new way of playing in an ensemble.