There are several upcoming opportunities for students of all ages and levels to take advantage of:

  • The Performance Evaluation / Performance Level Test
    -fee of $35
    -2 contrasting, memorized pieces
  • The IIMF Performance Competition
    -fee of $50
    The 2019 Summer Recital
    -Date: July 13, Deadline: June 15
    -fee of $25
  • The IIMF Theory Evaluations
    -now held throughout the year!
    -fee of $35
    Awards for the Performance Evaluation and Performance Competition will be handed out at the July Recital. Current dates and deadlines are available on the calendar.

Congratulations to:
Yiting Han (piano), who won 1st place at the MTNA Romantic / Impressionistic Competition and a special prize for Best Romantic / Impressionistic Performer!
Aiden Kim (cello), for not only advancing to Advanced Orchestra but being placed in First Principle Chair!
Brendon Seo (cello), who won a school competition to perform a concerto with the orchestra!

Thank you to Aria Tomar, who donated to the animal shelter this month!
Any concerns or feedback from parents about any aspect of our music academy is welcome! Note: Any responses from the music academy will be given up to 24 office hours after initial parental contact.

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