Group piano class provides students with an excellent introduction to the keyboard and prepares them for more serious private study as well as playing in a band/ensemble. Most importantly, students will begin to develop the skill of playing music with their peers which provides a lifelong benefit.

Group Piano for Young Beginners
Mixed age, Pre-K through Kindergarten
This class is meant to inspire creativity and a desire to make music in young children. Students will learn keyboard basics through rhythm activities, singing and movement, and playing piano.


  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Course Duration: 16 weeks (Feb 1~May 16, 2020); 45 min. sessions
  • Day & Time: Saturday 10:45 am-11:30 am
  • Fee: $400 / Course (16 weeks)

Group Piano for Lower Elementary Beginners
Mixed age, Grade 1-3
This class will introduce beginning piano students to the fundamentals of piano technique to prepare them for more in-depth private lessons.Students will discover and develop their musicianship skills by learning and playing piano music along with their peers and through an array of fun musical activities.


  • Pre-requisite: Basic reading and writing skills
  • Course Duration: 16 weeks (Feb 1~May 16, 2020); 60 min. sessions
  • Day & Time: Saturday 11:30 am- 12:30 pm
  • Fee: $480 / Course (16 weeks)
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Group Piano Lessons for 16 Weeks (Feb 1~May 16, 2020)
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